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Category – Commercial, Residential

As we Know and play Much Quiz game where Anchor or Host Asked Question and Player have to give an answer. Trivia contests are usually organized as part of events, parties, and pub entertainment. This Product help you to find Who can be the first to answer Question. in this game, each player has pushbutton. when anchor or host asks questions. The players who know the answer to the question they have to press the push button immediately. This Product Shows Who Pressed Buzzer First among all the players. They have a chance to answer first if the player fails to answer or it is wrong then it will pass question or next number player as per the rules. This Product Is also Show which player Is the Second one, the third, Fourth ...This is a Customized Product created by our company. As a requirement of the customer, we can add more function.

Product Features

  • No Internet required
  • It is Total custom make Product
  • You can play individual or in Team
  • Remote with illuminated push Button
  • Easy To Use and set up just plug and play
  • It shows who’s know the answer first. If the first buzzer pushed person fail to give a correct answer it shows who’s second, Third like that.

Product Application

  • Use This Trivia Quiz Buzzer in Any Party Function and make your day memorable
  • Anniversary, Birthday Party – Make Competition between guest make your Party Memorable.
  • Corporate Event – Make Quiz Competition between employees or a different division of corporate offices
  • Schools/Academics – Use Trivia Quiz Buzzer as Training Program with Fun, so the student can learn from Quiz
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